Custom builds are 7-10 days out, plus shipping time. All other orders should process within 3 busiess days.

Building the straightest arrows possible.

That's what we all want, right? We strive for the straightest arrows possible. Whether you spend $200 or $50 on a dozen shafts, you should do everything in your power to make sure the end product is straight. There are several different things you can do to help you get to that point.

  1. Have a reputable shop build them for you. (Shameless plug)
  2. Build your own arrows! Include all of the following steps for maximum straightness:
  • Spin test the shafts. Take your time so you can see the wobble. Mark that side, or both if necessary.
  • Cut the shafts from either side or both (depending on how they spin test)
  • Square both ends of the shaft - this is a very critical step.
    Completely color in both sides of the shaft with a silver sharpie. Spin the shaft a few times on a squaring device. Check it. If there is any silver left, do it again. Make sure all of the silver has been sanded off to ensure maximum squareness. this on both sides of the shaft, even if you only cut one side. Never trust the manufacturer.


  • Insert/outsert tune. This is easiest with outsert systems. It can be done
    with inserts as well, with the exception of Deep Six inserts. Here's how it works: Once you have cut, squared, and cleaned the shaft, affix the insert/outsert with NO GLUE. Use your spin tester to spin it. More than likely, you will see a very slight wobble (more evident with outsert systems). Give the insert a 1/8th turn inside the shaft and try it again. It may get worse or it may get better. Repeat this process until you have no wobble, or the minimum possible. Use a sharpie and draw a line across the shaft and the insert/outsert. When you glue it, make sure to line up the two marks. 

You can see why it's not cheap to have someone build custom arrows for you. It definitely takes time and patience, but take the time to follow these steps and you will surely notice the difference. Couple this with nock tuning and you are sure to be surprised and excited about the way your new arrows group.

Shoot straight,

Arrow Junkie