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Don't ignore the back end of your arrows.

Why you should fletch your own arrows.

 If you are anything like me, you do tons of research before you buy arrows. You want the correct spine. You want a GPI that fits within your goal total arrow weight. You want a specific arrow diameter. All of these things matter when you are looking for that perfect arrow. So….why would you buy them with whatever vane and orientation the manufacturer decided to put on them? Most arrows are fletched as simply as possible so they can crank them out. Don’t waste all of that time and energy you used to research the perfect arrow just to hope that the fletching that comes with it works for you, your bow, and the distances you shoot! Buy bare shafts and fletch them yourself.

Vane/feather choices and configurations are super important. Fletching your own arrows allows you to play with your setup. There is no “bad” vane or configuration. Test some and find out what works best for you. What type of shooting do you do? Are you a hunter? Do you shoot fixed blade or mechanical? Do you shoot long distances? Do the same type of research you do for your arrows and then test a few of the best options. You will have fun doing it, but more importantly, you will find the perfect setup for the perfect arrow.


Shoot straight,

Arrow Junkie