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Lethal, ethical kills. What we should all strive for.

When an animal drops within sight there is a BIG sigh of relief. As hunters, we all want that quick lethal kill. We owe it to the animal. I truly believe that every single one of us does everything we can to make sure our shot placement is good. But, shit happens. Animals move. We clip the tiniest fragment of a tree branch. A sudden wind gust comes out of nowhere. "Buck Fever" sets in. Let's be realistic, with all of those outside factors the odds of the arrow hitting EXACTLY where you aim, are pretty low.

You can increase the odds of a lethal, ethical kill with your arrow build. A heavier total arrow weight will increase the likelihood of a full pass through, even when the shot is not perfect. It is simple physics. Heavier objects that are moving have more kinetic energy than light ones. With more bone penetration and less deflection, cut on contact brodheads can also be a big benefit. 

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of heavy arrows and high front of center weight (FOC), please do yourself a favor and take a look at Dr. Ed Ashby's reports. If you are a bowhunter, you will find it a very interesting read.


Shoot Straight,

Arrow Junkie