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Which arrows should I shoot?

The growth of archery has brought us so many great arrow companies over the past several years. The days of having to choose from just a handful of arrow brands has changed, and definitely for the better. More competition in the market means everyone is building better arrows. Tolerances have become tighter, and we’ve seen the development of some amazing new arrow technologies. But, with all of these great choices, how do you know which arrow is for you?

Research and testing. Do your due diligence and soak up as much information about the brands and their arrows. Ask your archery buddies what they shoot. Read information about the brands and the arrows they offer. Ask your archery buddies what they shoot. Talk to your local pro shop. Watch YouTube videos. Get an idea of what type of arrows you think you want to shoot, then buy a couple of each and shoot them.

Archery allows you the opportunity to try several different sizes and weights of arrows. Your “ammunition” isn’t limited to a single sized cartridge. Many shooters use various arrows for different types of shooting. You may end up with a target arrow, a small game hunting arrow, and a large game hunting arrow.

Don’t be afraid to explore all of the options! Take a chance and move away from your “old faithful” brand or spec.

I have tried to make it easy to test arrows by offering most of the arrows we carry in 2 packs. Archery isn’t cheap and you shouldn’t have to buy a dozen arrows just so you can test them out. Grab a couple of 2 packs and see what happens! https://arrowjunkie.com/collections/arrow-shafts?page=1

Shoot Straight,

Arrow Junkie