Custom builds are 7-10 days out, plus shipping time. All other orders should process within 3 busiess days.

Arrow Cutting Info

Arrow Junkie will cut your shafts free of charge with an arrow shaft purchase (6 or 12).  Before you add your shaft purchase to the cart, just answer the drop down questions on the product page.

Arrow Junkie uses the "carbon to carbon" method of arrow cutting. Your measurement should be from one end of the shaft to the other not including the nock, insert/outsert, or field tip/broadhead. ONLY the carbon. Thus....carbon to carbon.

We cut carbon to carbon to ensure the arrow shaft is the proper length for whatever components, nocks, and broadheads that YOU use. For example, lighted nocks are typically longer than a standard nock. If we cut from nock-throat to carbon using the nocks provided from the manufacturer, and you use a lighted nock, there may be a slight difference in length. The same is true with components. And, of course, the broadheads you use play a very important role in all of this. Cutting from carbon to carbon eliminates measuring mistakes both on our end, and yours.

It is recommended that your arrow shaft be cut at least one inch in front of the arrow rest at full draw. Arrows that are cut too short can be drawn past the arrow rest which could result in the arrow falling from the string, jamming, or otherwise causing damage to the arrow or the bow, and could even lead to personal injury. Never shoot an arrow that is less than one inch past the arrow rest at full draw.