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Ashby Bowhunting Foundation


The quote below resonates heavily with me and is one of the main reasons Arrow Junkie was founded. I encourage everyone of you to visit this site and read Dr. Ashby's reports. It will only help you be a better bowhunter. Dan

"The goal of every bowhunter should be to achieve the most penetration possible on an animal, with the intent of a full passthrough." Dr. Ed Ashby

The Ashby Bowhunting Foundation is A 501c3 foundation dedicated to the research of arrow & broadhead lethality and overall bowhunter education.

The Ashby Foundation was founded on the research of Dr. Ed Ashby and based on six main tenets.


• Peer review and documentation of Dr. Ed Ashby’s 30 years of arrow penetration studies. The scientific research of the studies to be done by an accredited university or independent research team.

• Continued research and documentation of arrow and broadhead lethality. Scientific research of subsequent studies to be done by an accredited university or independent research team. Go where the outcome driven research takes us.

• Education (through media & seminars) of the research process and all arrow penetration research findings - free of charge - to all bowhunters, bowhunting organizations and bowhunting governing bodies.

• Setting scientific, humane, ethical bowhunting standards based on the research findings.

• Provide local, state, federal and international bowhunting governing bodies the standards set by the research.

• Conducting an annual review of all marketed arrows and broadheads. Giving each a grade (score) through field testing and based on the standards set by the research.