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You should build your own arrows!

Wouldn't you love to have arrows that grouped consistently...even at longer distances? There is a trick to this....Build your own arrows.

Believe it or not, your arrows need to be tuned to your bow, and to how you shoot your bow. This is done through bare-shaft tuning, paper tuning, and nock tuning. All of which work better guessed it...a bare arrow shaft. You need the freedom to try different components and point weights to get a perfect tune.  You can literally figure out what total arrow weight and what FOC works best for your arrows, your bow, and how you shoot your bow.  Then you can play around with different types of vanes and different vane configurations to see what works best! If you are building your own arrows you have the opportunity to do all of these things instead of relying on arrows out of a box, or someone else randomly assembling your arrows.

And its FUN! When you build your own arrows, you get to choose exactly what you want to shoot. You can make them as pretty as you want! Do you want wraps? Do you want pink vanes? Do you want plain arrows? You can build them however you want!

I know, I think it will cost a fortune for all of the stuff you need to build your own arrows. That's really not the case. The most expensive piece of arrow building equipment is an arrow saw. It's true, they aren't cheap! But, you don't have to have a saw to build your own arrows! Most sites or shops that sell arrows will also cut them for you (including Arrow Junkie). So that means you just need a handful of fairly inexpensive items:

  • Fletching jig
  • Arrow Spinner (straightness tester)
  • Squaring device (to make sure the ends are square)
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Acetone
  • Cotton Swabs

That really isn't a huge investment when you consider how much it will truly help your accuracy and your confidence in the field or on the course. Not to mention, it gives you something to do in the off season!